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счастливые владельцы- фото с нашими малышами!



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8 (499) 7101042
+ 7 962 929 11 80
* to discuss a puppy (call after 14:00)
e-mail me
* ask questions


* make deposit to hold puppy
  buy puppy


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* Non refundable deposit of 250 will hold your puppy

* Please contact us before sending funds to make sure puppy is still available

* Shipping cost, travel crate, export pedigree for AKC or FCI registration -ALL INCLUDED in puppy's price

* Puppies are up-to date vactination and medical treatment on time of delivery; be assures thet puppy has recived finest possible care prior to sale

* Puppies are health checked by official veterenarian and will arrive with a Health Sertificate stating that puppy is healthy and free of life threatening illness or defects at time of shipping

* Buyer may have puppy examinated by their veterinarian, with 72 hours of delivery if any serious or life-threating health condition is found-
puppy replacement will be offered upon verification of such illness or defect

* We will provide the most accurate information available about your puppy prior to sale. Please, undestand that temperament, show potential, adult weight , hight and bite are not quaranteed and can only be estimated at this time

* Feel free to ask us about our referents- may be around you!

* We are available by phone or email to answer follow-up questions about your puppy and its care



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